‘You never stop learning’: Next generation of doctors kick-start their careers in Western Sydney Local Health District

Blacktown and Mount Druitt Hospitals (BMDH) are proud to share that 56 junior medical officers (JMOs) have been welcomed to undertake a supervised year of practice in medicine, surgery, and emergency medicine across both hospitals.

The JMOs have completed a comprehensive two-week orientation program that included didactic presentations, procedural skills, mandatory training, competency assessments, buddy rounding and orientation to Mount Druitt Hospital.

Medical intern Apsara Peiris has an advantage over her fellow medical colleagues, having spent a few months working at Blacktown Hospital as an Assistant in Medicine (AiMS) in the geriatrics and neurology departments in 2022.

“I’m more confident in performing procedural skills because of the time already spent working at the hospital so I feel like that gives me a head start,” Apsara said.

Apsara’s passion for medicine began when she was young and grew during her school years. She describes practicing medicine as a unique privilege as sickness is non-discriminatory and can affect anyone no matter their background – something other careers do not offer.

BMDH intern Dr Apsara Peiris

In 2018, Apsara relocated from Sri Lanka to complete her Bachelor of Medicine degree at Western Sydney University.

“I am very excited to commence working at Blacktown Hospital” Apsara said.

“The hospital has an outstanding reputation as a friendly, warm, diverse, and accepting place of employment and was rated number one by a number of my student peers.”

The Merrylands resident is thrilled to begin her medical journey working at BMDH in the geriatrics, cardiology, Allied Health and surgery departments and gain experience and knowledge from our medical and nursing teams.

“I’m excited as this job can be so rewarding – helping others and hopefully giving people a reason to smile.

“Medicine is such an interesting subject and a challenge. You never stop learning, never get bored and there are always exciting new developments and advancements,” she said.                             

Apsara is favouring dermatology but wants to keep an open mind and experience all the specialities before she makes her decision.

Director of Medical Services Dr Alison Loughran-Fowlds welcomed the new cohort of future doctors to western Sydney.

“BMDH is an extraordinary place for interns to commence their careers,” Alison said.        

“We offer peer mentoring and specialist programs for them to train as specialised doctors or general practitioners.

“Working at BMDH can lead to a rewarding, satisfying career opportunity that offers long-term job opportunities for all.”

BMDH Resident Medical Officer Association President Dr Nishita Muchhala welcomed the new junior medical officers and looks forward to working closely with them.

“I’ve worked at Blacktown Hospital over the last 12 months, and it has been a very rewarding experience that has afforded me not just fantastic clinical experience but lifelong friends who I depend on regularly for everything from emotional or physical support while on the wards,” Nishita said.

Almost 1,100 medical graduate interns have commenced work across NSW rotating between metropolitan and rural hospitals.