Ground-breaking new technique in breast reconstruction in Westmead Health Precinct at Westmead Hospital

Surgery underway at a hospital. Image: iStock
Surgery underway at a hospital. Stock image.

Western Sydney Local Health District’s (WSLHD) specialist in plastic, reconstructive and cosmetic surgery, Doctor Bish Soliman, is using a new technique to create a breast for breast cancer patients.

The progressive breast reconstruction technique is a refinement of an existing technique called the deep inferior epigastric perforator (DIEP) flap.

The new technique, called a Laparoscopic DIEP, is less invasive for the patient.

“The long-standing technique, the DIEP flap, is where we use the lower abdominal skin, fat and blood vessels to create a breast for breast cancer patients,” Doctor Soliman said.

“The new technique, the Laparoscopic DIEP, creates the least invasive DIEP flap and therefore possibly reduces abdominal complications such as diseases and hernias.

“It also reduces post-operative pain, length of stay in hospital and the overall recovery process.”

Doctor Soliman says minimal muscle dissection through a small incision creates the least invasive DIEP flap possible and minimal abdominal wall disruption.

“A simple analogy is ice fishing, where a small hole in the ice is all that is required to extract the desired contents from below.

“Essentially the Laparoscopic DIEP technique provides new and improved surgical procedures available to both public and private patients and offers, quicker recovery, less pain and therefore better quality of life.”