‘Their faces are imprinted in our memory’: Catching up with NICU baby Charelie eight years on

Charelie Bahri has started Year 3 at school this year. He loves to play the guitar and is a keen soccer player.

Some eight-years ago, Charelie’s time at Westmead Hospital’s Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) when he was born was “like a rollercoaster”, with dad Roy proud to share the journey his family has been on.

Charelie was the fourth pregnancy, after firstborn, Elijio, was stillborn at 26 weeks, and the family sadly experienced two miscarriages.

This meant that Charelie’s mum, Aida, was on bed rest at Westmead Hospital’s Women’s ward for 12 weeks prior to his birth.

“The start of Charelie’s journey was very challenging, but he got stronger day after day,” Roy said.

“The support at Westmead Hospital’s NICU was exceptional. Though we don’t remember most names of our care team, their faces are imprinted in our memory.

“The care my family received cannot be measured as it was beyond words.”