Humans of the Hospital: Anabel de la Riva

“I have to say, even after 30 years of nursing this month, I am still being inspired by those around me and I know that this will continue.

“I have to thank the patients, and their families, that I have met over the years who have allowed me the privilege of being part of their journey – I wish to continue to be someone that is able to do this for a long time to come and to make a difference to those who I work with and help.

“There have been so many inspiring people that I have worked with over the years that I have learned from and built my practice on. The list is too long, but there are little bits of everyone that has made me the caring nurse that I am today. I thank them all from the bottom of my heart.

“I love being able to empower the general nurses to care for patients who have a diagnosed mental illness and I see this role as being able to break down stigma that occurs for patients with mental illness.”

Humans of the Hospital: Anabel de la Riva.

Anabel is a Clinical Nurse Coordinator – Consultation Liaison Psychiatry at Westmead Hospital.

‘Humans of the Hospital’ is dedicated to the inspiring humans working at Westmead, Blacktown, Mount Druitt Auburn and Cumberland hospitals in western Sydney.