Humans of the Hospital: John Timotheus

“I believe in service to humanity, and this has shaped who I am today. We may not be able to change the world, but the work we’re doing might mean the world of difference for that one person.

“My job gives me so much fulfilment – the day might be chaotic, but when you clock off, there is satisfaction that things have gone right for someone you’ve helped today.

“Ours is a role that is not just embedded in the clinical side of things but has its crux in the community.

“This is my passion – I want to see the changes that can be put in place to aid the individual as a person and their recovery.

“Being in a very fast-paced environment with the Blacktown Acute Care team, no two days are the same. Presentations can vary from early teens to late ages – clients right from 12 years old through to 88 years old.

“Mental health is the biggest elephant in the room at the moment, given the fact that medical technology is improving, and people’s longevity is extending, so the only thing that stands out is the mental impact for the ageing population.”

Humans of the Hospital: John Timotheus.

John is a Clinical Nurse Consultant and part of the Mental Health Service at WSLHD. He is currently working with the Blacktown Acute Care Team.