Humans of the Hospital: Tamika Baloch

“I have a passion for public and community health, and ensuring that we are identifying and supporting those most in need of assistance – empowering them to access health services that are safe and of a high quality. What excites me most about this role is working with other like-minded clinical and administration teams that truly care for the community. The teams I have met so far are great advocates for their services and I am excited to be able to be a part of the development and expansion of healthcare in the community.

“I am most proud of completing the WSLHD intern program with a Masters of Health Service Management. This has helped me to build vast networks, strong relationships and develop a deep appreciation for the work that we do here in WSLHD and in NSW Health.

“WSLHD is unique in a lot of ways and I believe what makes it truly special is the diversity and connection to culture – it is exciting and rewarding to be a part of. My favourite thing about the community is the joy and pride that sharing food and cultural celebrations brings. I hope that we continue to celebrate, learn about and leverage different cultures and experiences to develop a healthcare system that meets the needs of our communities.”

Tamika started at WSLHD with the Population Health team in October 2020, and has just graduated from the Health Management Intern Program. She is now working as Integrated and Community Health Facility Manager, Auburn and Merrylands Community Health Centres.