‘We take care of each other’: Celebrating the supportive staff of Auburn Hospital’s administrative team

Kerry Mavin and Slagjana Djorgoska

Slagjana and Kerry grasped each other’s hands as they spoke about friendship at Auburn Hospital; before both saying at the same time: “we help each other”.

The two women work in the reception area in Auburn Hospital, and despite the partition separating Kerry’s cashier desk from where Slagjana sits in the administrative office, you can hear the two women sharing a laugh as they warmly greet and assist the many patients and visitors walking through the hospital’s doors.

Slagjana Djorgoska is an Admin Billing Clerk and has been at Auburn Hospital for the past seven years, while Kerry Mavin is a Cashier who has been a part of Western Sydney Local Health District for 23 years.

Needless to say, the pair have a wealth of experience between them – but it is the human connection that these front desk jobs require which both Slagjana and Kerry are so passionate about.

“They are like my family here – and I love this family,” Slagjana said.

“I love helping people and I love what I do. I am always meeting people and welcoming people – everyone from families, patients and visitors who all come in and need assistance.

“Whatever comes to me, I am happy to do because I like helping people. Even if someone comes into the hospital and doesn’t speak English, I will use my phone to help translate for them.

“These people are coming here at a time when they need help, and I am happy to give it.”

Slagjana’s two children work at Auburn Hospital too; Natasha is in surgical, and Stephen works across emergency and physio.

Slagjana and her son, Stephen

While it seems remarkable to have so many family members working at the same place, Slagjana brushed off the comment, saying that this is very common at Auburn Hospital because of the wonderful community that has been created.

Slagjana called Kerry over to join our chat about the supportive culture in Auburn Hospital’s administrative team.

“We are like a little family,” Slagjana said.

“Kerry gives me a hug every day and we always help each other- we work together and take care of each other. We’ve been working together for four years but it feels like so much longer!”

Kerry said that she loves the face-to-face interactions she has in her role.

“I’ve worked at Auburn for about five years, but I’ve been at WSLHD for 23 years,” she said.

“I love where I’m situated because I get to see everyone that comes past. There are so many different types of people that come in and being sat here at the front entrance, I get to see all of them. I love my job!”

Under the leadership of Admin Manager, Christine Tanusovski, there is a really positive and supportive environment that is being cultivated in this small pocket of Auburn Hospital’s operations.

Kerry, Christine Tanusovski and Slagjana

For Christine, occasions like Administrative Professionals Day are a chance to acknowledge the crucial role that her team plays.

“Everyone in our facility is important – from cleaning to admin, medical to nursing – and without the service offered by teams like mine, we just wouldn’t be able to function.”