Midwives of WSLHD: Zuhoor Malas

“I love working here. The best part of it is the team, it’s like a little community and family. We’re all here for the same reason, we love working with women.

“I didn’t really know midwifery existed until my final year of school… it was a lightbulb moment. You’re mainly working with women and it’s very targeted- Women and babies… Birth and newborn babies… Babies!

“To be a midwife you have to be so passionate and dedicated. You have to give the time and you have to be emotionally and physically resilient.

“The most fulfilling part of being a midwife is when women and their support people are happy and satisfied with the care you give them… It’s a very emotional time. I love seeing the fathers cry. You know that they’re so emotionally involved and they’ve been waiting for this moment. Seeing the parents rejoicing in their happiness is just so beautiful.”

Midwives of WSLHD: Zuhoor Malas

Zuhoor is a Registered Midwife at Auburn Hospital.