Midwives of WSLHD: Lily Bouhadir

“I was born at Auburn Hospital, so I have a real connection with this place. I even live nearby! Being born here and coming back here to be the manager of the maternity services – I think it is just meant to be.  This is a really nice place and feels like a country hospital in suburbia.

“I was a midwife for 15 years and I also have a background in clinical governance. I’m really inspired to bring out the best in the team around me.

“Midwifery is one of those careers that works well within your lifestyle. There are so many facets of midwifery – from antenatal to maternity caseloads – and it’s one of those professions that gives a lot of job satisfaction. Becoming a first time mother was what encouraged me to enter this field, and inspired me to want to give back and support women in a similar life stage.”

Midwives of WSLHD: Lily Bouhadir.

Lily is the Nurse Manager for Maternity Services in Auburn Hospital.