‘I want to contribute’: The aunt and niece volunteering their time to give back to Westmead Hospital

When you walk through the halls of Westmead Hospital, you may come across a stall overflowing with teddy bears, books, accessories and crotched goods.

Running this stall are a number of volunteers who donate their time and efforts to raise money for Westmead Hospital.

Lalitha Devadas and Deepa Jayakuru are an aunt and niece who dedicate one day a week to volunteering at Westmead Hospital. Patients, families, and staff are greeted with warm smiles as they walk by the duo, with people stopping to peruse the items offered and engage in a friendly chat with the pair.

Deepa is no stranger to the hospital.

“My father received treatment at Westmead Hospital for 13 years. After he passed away, I decided to dedicate some time to the hospital,” Deepa said.

Lalitha is a patient of Westmead Hospital, and her experience with the volunteers during her treatment inspired her to join the team herself.

“I am a cancer patient, and I also receive treatment for my heart at the hospital. Volunteering helped me through my depression after treatment,” she said.

When I walked into the hospital for my first appointment, the first thing I saw was the volunteers.

“After seeing all the work they do, I thought ‘why can’t I do that?’

“I want to contribute.”

Lalitha has been volunteering at Westmead Hospital for an impressive 11 years, while Deepa is approaching a year as a part of the amazing volunteer group.

For more information on how to join Deepa, Lalitha, and the team of volunteers at Westmead Hospital, click here.