Humans of the Hospital: Mary Gunasekara

“I think a lot of people believe that patients come to palliative care just for their last moments. But it’s not just that, they come for other things too. It could be to upgrade their medication, or to get some comfort or respite.

“You go and see the patients, see if they need anything, or if they just want someone to talk to. We give them a massage if they want. It’s more or less being there for them and their families.

“It brings me joy to be able to bring patients and their families comfort and reassurance.”

Mary Gunasekara has chosen to use some well-deserved time off from working at Cumberland and Blacktown Hospitals to volunteer in palliative care at Mount Druitt Hospital.

‘Humans of the Hospital’ is dedicated to the inspiring humans working at Westmead, Blacktown, Mount Druitt Auburn and Cumberland hospitals in western Sydney.