Humans of the Hospital: Anne Goncalves

“I think it is a gift to be a palliative care volunteer. 

“The word I use is privilege, rather than just saying it’s rewarding for me.

“To me, it’s an absolute privilege to be so close to people at that time and to be with their families at that time. I’m a people person and I love caring for people, so I think it all fits into place for me.

“I’ve always had a soft spot for Mount Druitt Hospital, and I wanted to get involved. 

“I work two days a week. I do some cleaning up and housekeeping in the ward, and personally I do a lot of hand and foot massaging, as well as being with patients when they’re passing and comforting their families.”

Anne Goncalves is a Palliative Care Volunteer at Blacktown and Mount Druitt Hospitals.

‘Humans of the Hospital’ is dedicated to the inspiring humans working at Westmead, Blacktown, Mount Druitt, Auburn and Cumberland hospitals in Western Sydney.