A voice for generations: Andrew Fraser

“As goes the idiom, “great people plant trees for shade of which they’ll never sit in”. 

’Be a voice for generations’ is about taking responsibility for the way forward by being role models and generate opportunities for the next generation.

“It’s about taking the torch from the older generation and continuing the work, advocating, showing and creating a better future.

“Reconciliation comes after many conversations and tangible change is slowly realised.

“We need to continue to share each other’s experiences and take time to learn about the First Peoples of this great land, by asking, googling, contacting the lands councils and/or other Aboriginal organisations.

“Go to events, talk to co-workers, watch shows, whatever; reconciliation doesn’t happen sitting on the sidelines. Get involved!”

Andrew Fraser is a proud Ngunnawal man and the WSLHD Youth Health Partnerships and Programs Manager for the Western Area Adolescent Team Mount Druitt Community Health Centre.

This National Reconciliation Week, Western Sydney Local Health District Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander staff speak to what the 2023 theme, “Be a voice for generations” means to them.