Knitted with love: Keeping Blacktown Hospital’s premature babies warm

WSLHD’s tiniest patients have received a generous donation of baby bonnets, mittens, and booties.

The Blacktown City Lions Club, including Leonie Day visited Blacktown Hospital to pass on the knitted goods, made by community member Sandra.

Blacktown Hospital A61 Newborn Care Midwifery Unit Manager Terry Freeman expressed her gratitude for the knitted items as they will make a real difference to premature babies’ wellbeing.

“Premmie babies are especially prone to getting cold so it’s important to keep them warm with bonnets, mittens and booties all year round,” Terry said.

“It is important to to keep babies nice and warm. The head is the biggest surface area of their body, so the bonnets are useful post-delivery to prevent them losing heat.

“We love using the bonnets because they allow parents to have skin-to-skin contact with their baby whilst also keeping them covered.

“Babies are monitored when cared for in newborn care while wearing a bonnet. It is advised that parents follow Safe Sleeping recommendations when their baby is in their care to ensure their baby’s head and face remain uncovered.

“Thank you, Sandra and the Blacktown City Lions Club for these knitted items which will be cherished and used in the birthing unit,” Terry said.