Cultivating a culture of innovation: How WSLHD’s Research and Education Network is nurturing fresh perspectives

Innovation and research are the lifeblood of Westmead Sydney Local Health District (WSLHD), and investing in new ideas is paramount to advancing healthcare.

Recognising the importance of fresh perspectives, WSLHD encourages its staff to contribute innovative research proposals that can directly benefit patients and drive positive change.

For Stephen Schibeci, Scientific Research Support Manager for WSLHD’s Research and Education Network (REN), our frontline staff are the key to unlocking some of healthcare’s biggest challenges.

“Experienced researchers tend to tackle the big problems, which they do well, but draw them from the patients because big problems need big studies,” he said.

“New research ideas, however, can more effectively come from hospital staff close to the patients on a day-to-day basis, often staff with little or no research experience, but with a unique perspective.”

Grant selection processes continually showcase the impressive calibre of candidates within WSLHD.

“It is a wonderful experience to delve into the inspiring ideas that come through from all disciplines,” Stephen said.

So many good ideas do not get funded straightaway, but the best ideas persist, get perfected, and provide real benefits to patients. The enthusiasm of the applicants for their ideas is truly exciting.

Stephen Schibeci, Scientific Research Support Manager for WSLHD’s Research and Education Network (REN)

REN at WSLHD offers a wealth of resources to assist with every step of the application process for those looking to apply for research grants.

From study design and collaboration with suitable partners to writing, editing, statistical analysis, ethics considerations, and financial planning, the resources are available to help transform brilliant ideas into successful grant proposals. 

As WSLHD continues to foster innovation and ideas, the district remains committed to supporting its staff in their pursuit of ground-breaking research.

By investing in new research, WSLHD strives to revolutionise healthcare, enhance patient outcomes, and shape the future of medical advancements for the benefit of all.