‘More than a job; it’s a passion’: The emerging leaders of Blacktown and Mount Druitt Hospitals

Dr Anish Theertham.

Anish Theertham, a Junior Medical Officer (JMO) at Blacktown and Mount Druitt Hospitals (BMDH), has been recognised for his outstanding achievements and dedication to healthcare. Voted as the BMDH 2023 Health Education and Training Institute NSW (HETI) intern representative by his peers, Anish is set to make a significant impact on the medical community.

Having joined BMDH earlier this year, Anish will undergo two years of supervised practice in medicine, surgery, and emergency medicine across Blacktown, Mount Druitt, and Bathurst hospitals.

As the HETI intern representative, Anish will have the opportunity to attend General Clinical Training Committee (GCTC) meetings, HETI forums, and engage in discussions, projects, research, and policy development. He will also be responsible for sharing vital information with fellow JMOs, ensuring effective communication and collaboration among the medical community.

Expressing his gratitude for being chosen as the HETI intern representative, Anish said: “I feel privileged and extremely fortunate to have been voted by my peers for this position. I have always been a strong advocate for mental health, and I relish the opportunity to represent my colleagues at HETI forums.”

Anish’s passion for medicine stems from the profound impact his general practitioner had on his life.

Inspired by the compassionate and calming nature of his doctor, he aspires to provide the same level of care and support to his patients. Anish firmly believes in educating and empowering his patients, enabling them to actively participate in their healthcare and ultimately enhance their quality of life.

Dr Puja Bhattacharyya and Dr Nishita Mucchala

Anish will be working alongside Dr Nishita Mucchala, who has been named the 2023 HETI Resident Medical Officer representative, Resident Medical Officer Association (RMOA) President and was announced as the 2022 BMDH Intern of the Year.

Dr Mucchala is dedicated to advocating for the JMOs and RMOs under her care.

Dr Danette Wright, the Surgical Head of Department at Blacktown Hospital, and Dr Puja Bhattacharyya, the Haematology Consultant and Director of Assistants in Medicine, serve as the co-DPETs (Directors of Pre-Vocational Education and Training) at BMDH.

Dr Bhattacharyya emphasised the importance of diversity within the BMDH community.

“The demographic diversity at BMDH is reflected in the community and within our doctors. It’s encouraging for junior doctors who aspire for senior positions to see that people like themselves can achieve that role,” Puja said.

“We have several JMOs/RMOs who shine in various ways whether it be through research, excelling in clinical knowledge/skills, or being natural leaders. These juniors have strong goals, good vision, and medicine is something more than a job for them – it’s a passion.”

As these talented individuals continue to make strides in their respective roles, they are inspiring the next generation of medical professionals and fostering a healthcare environment driven by passion and excellence.