‘There are a lot of stories behind one person’: How WSLHD is helping multicultural women access essential health services

In a heartfelt interview, dedicated Multicultural Women’s Health Programme Officer, Sora Michida, has shared her inspiring journey helping western Sydney women to access vital health services.

Born in Japan and raised in Australia since a young age, Sora has made a significant impact in her role at Western Sydney Local Health District (WSLHD), working tirelessly to increase health literacy and ensure women have the necessary information and support to access healthcare facilities.

Having served in the Multicultural Health department for nearly five years, Sora transitioned to the Multicultural Women’s Health Programme Officer position in September last year.

“I work with mothers’ groups and senior support groups, helping local women and understanding their needs, challenges, and health-related queries,” Sora said.

“The women I work with are inspiring –  I learn a lot from them. Some of them come from various backgrounds and talk about their experiences as refugees or their life journeys.

“It’s very interesting to meet people and listen to their stories – it makes you realise that there’s a lot of stories behind one person. It’s not just about helping these women access essential health services, but really meeting them as a whole person.”

Through this outreach, Sora collects valuable feedback to shape information sessions and address their concerns – from identifying suitable general practitioners, to guiding women through cancer screening procedures and determining eligibility for services.

Her primary responsibility is to assist women’s groups and organisations in accessing health information and hospitals, ultimately empowering them to take charge of their health.

Notably, Sora’s experience in aged care has been instrumental in assisting western Sydney senior citizens who often struggle to navigate the complex healthcare system.

Sora’s story serves as a powerful example of how dedicated professionals working at WSLHD are impacting the western Sydney community.