WSLHD hosts global innovators for digital healthcare showcase at the Westmead Health Precinct

International delegates have been welcomed to Westmead Hospital to learn from Western Sydney Local Health District’s (WSLHD) industry-leading digital health professionals during an exclusive tour.

As part of the prestigious international MedInfo conference itinerary, experts were invited to a special talk from WSLHD’s Chief Executive, Graeme Loy, and provided a detailed tour of the cutting-edge facilities on site.

On show was the innovative use of technology to enhance models of care, the precinct model and partnerships, and education and innovation opportunities.

“These delegates have come from across the globe and we are proud to showcase the investment and innovation we are doing at the Westmead Health Precinct,” WSLHD’s Chief Digital Health Officer and Chief Information Officer, Christina Igasto said.

“It’s really good to collaborate and learn from others and discuss with them the exciting things we are doing to encourage learning opportunities in the digital health space.”

During the opening event address, Graeme drew attention to the many exciting focus areas of the Westmead Health Precinct, with a specific emphasis on developments in:

  1. Advanced therapeutics,
  2. Translational cancer,
  3. Digital health and ‘Big Data’,
  4. Infectious disease, immunology, and vaccinology, and
  5. Clinical trials

“There are over 2000 research projects underway every year at the Westmead Health Precinct, which is quite a significant piece of work,” Graeme said.

“The Precinct is the most prolific research site in NSW Health system.”

Attendees were split into groups and taken on a tour across Westmead Hospital guided by Christina, WSLHD Executive Director of Quality and Safety, Professor Peter Hockey, and WSLHD Director of the Precinct Leadership Team, Emma Clarke.

The Digital Health tour brought to life the unique ways that WSLHD is applying technology to patient care.

From Tap On Tap Off (TOTO) card reader access for staff, and education through FirstNet Go Share, to remote Cardiotocography (CTG) monitoring and digital operating rooms, attendees were treated to an interactive demonstration of transformative technology in action.

“Digital health is not just focused on how we use digital technology, but how we digitise modes of care,” Graeme said.

“We are focused on how we can create an environment and an ecosystem for innovation and research, where data is available for research pathways to improve the patient experience and the health of our western Sydney community.”

The MedInfo conference is the official event of the Australasian Institute of Digital Health, and sees influential digital health leaders coming together for a five-day conference with attendance from international stakeholders and speakers.

WSLHD is a partner of the Westmead Health Precinct.

The Westmead Health Precinct in western Sydney is one of the largest health, innovation, research, education, and training hubs in Australia. The Precinct is leading the way in gene therapy, phage therapy, and viral vector technologies, and also specialises in infectious diseases management, cancer management, and research.