Blacktown Hospital’s unique diabetes monitoring tool improves patient care

Endocrinologist Associate Professor Tien-Ming Hng using the diabetes dashboard tool he co-developed at Blacktown Hospital in WSLHD

Western Sydney Local Health District (WSLHD) researcher Tien-Ming Hng has developed a diabetes dashboard that enables diabetes clinicians to rapidly triage individuals that require clinical review.

This proactive approach is much faster in generating results, in contrast to the reactive approach in the pre-dashboard era, and therefore allows for more efficient patient outcomes.

Ming works at the Department of Diabetes & Endocrinology at Blacktown Hospital and co-designed the software with his team at Business Analytics Services including David Pryce, Reshma Kolambkar, and Ching Luo.

David Pryce (Business Analytics Services) co-designed the diabetes dashboard tool

“The tool improves care of diabetes patients admitted to hospital by reducing time taken to be reviewed by diabetes educators and therefore revolutionising diabetes management at Blacktown Hospital,” Ming said.

The data model is built around the patient journey and allows Inpatient Diabetes Management Services to identify and triage using integrated key data feeds from the pathology, medication, and patient administration systems.

The automated aggregation of data allows a visualisation, from the diabetes perspective, every morning at Blacktown Hospital.

The surveillance dashboard, in its current form, has been in place in Blacktown Hospital since 2018 although early iterations were trialled in 2016.

It is permanent and is used to actively manage patients with diabetes admitted to hospital in addition to providing aggregated surveillance data for epidemiological use,” Ming said.

The tool has been extended to Westmead Hospital and is unique to WSLHD.

The value of dashboards for diabetes management has also been recognised by other hospitals, some of which have implemented their in-house versions of it.

It’s National Diabetes Week 2023. Get involved in WSLHD’s initiatives detailed here: