WSLHD recognises remarkable staff at BMDH with 2023 Quality Awards: Elevating patient experience and fostering safety and care

Western Sydeny Local Health District (WSLHD) has recently recognised some outstanding teams from Blacktown and Mount Druitt hospitals (BMDH) in the 2023 BMDH Quality Awards.

Staff were recognised for demonstrating remarkable dedication and innovation by submitting their exceptional projects that are set to elevate the patient and colleague experience, fostering an environment of enhanced safety and care.

This year, the BMDH Quality Awards introduced seven new categories, each aimed at promoting excellence in quality improvement and patient safety.

These encompass Integrated Value Based Care, Health Research and Innovation, Keeping People Healthy, Patient Safety First, Transforming the Patient Experience, Education & Training, and the prestigious General Manager’s Award.

The judging panel was thoroughly impressed by the sheer competitiveness of all the entries, with many projects displaying neck-and-neck performances, and some winners emerging by just a few points.

WSLHD congratulates the deserving recipients of these distinguished awards in each of the seven categories:

  • BMDH General Manager’s Award – Quality Mealtimes by the Nutrition and Dietetics department. This team has reduced the percentage of mealtime interruptions from staff by 20 per cent and increased the provision of set-up and feeding assistance to patients at mealtimes by 10 per cent.
  • Integrated Value Based Care Greener Theatres Initiative by the Theatres and Anaesthetics Department. This team has decreased anaesthetic related carbon emissions by 50 percent and improved the overall sustainability practice in our operating theatres within two years.
  • Health Research and Innovation the ArMY Program – a collaborative Allied Health Breast Cancer Screening Service. This team completed a six-month project with the Physiotherapy and Occupational Therapy Departments to re-design upper limb care post breast cancer surgery.
  • Keeping People Healthy – Outpatients Lymphoedema Clinic by the Occupational Therapy Department. This team enabled outpatients of BMDH access to a Lymphoedema Clinic.
  • Patient Safety First – PPI Prescribing in Triple Therapy to reduce Hospital Acquired Gastrointestinal Bleeds by the Pharmacy Department. This team decreased the incidence of hospital-acquired gastrointestinal bleeds in cardiology and coronary care inpatient by ensuring increased proton pump inhibitor co-prescribing with triple therapy by 50 per cent within 1-2 months.
  • Transforming the Patient Experience – Blacktown Maternal Antenatal & Postnatal Services (MAPS) Caseload Care by the Women’s & Children’s Department. This team offered a new model of care for Blacktown women with complex psychological vulnerabilities to increase engagement with health services and improve antenatal, birth and postnatal outcomes for mothers and babies.
  • Education & Training – Reducing Postpartum Haemorrhage by the Women’s & Children’s Health. This team reduced the incidence of postpartum haemorrhage and improved patient outcomes by evaluating staff awareness of the policy and required actions though education and change management.

Each winning team will receive $500 cash prize, generously provided by The Better Foundation, with the recipient of the General Manager’s award being rewarded with a $1000 cash prize, recognizing their outstanding achievement and dedication.

The breadth of talent and innovation displayed in the submitted projects is truly commendable. Contributions were received from a diverse range of departments, including BMDH Nursing Education, Respiratory and Sleep Medicine, Gastroenterology, Occupational and Dietetics, Supportive & Palliative Care, Urology & Surgical Stream, Rehabilitation Aged Care and Stroke Services, and Physiotherapy.

Several of these winning projects have also been nominated for a WSLHD Quality Award and Premier’s Awards, further exemplifying their exceptional impact and potential to set new standards of excellence.