WSLHD Youth Council representatives chosen for state-wide NSW Health Youth Advisory Group

Sarah Young, Mia Napolitano, Isha Ahmad, Rebecca Yu

Three dedicated members of the WSLHD Youth Council – Isha Ahmad, Mia Napolitano, and Rebecca Yu – have been selected to join the recently established Ministry of Health’s NSW Health Youth Advisory Group.

This state-wide committee is comprised of 12 dynamic young individuals carefully chosen from advisory groups in local health districts, including WSLHD’s Youth Council.

Additionally, it features a nominee from the NSW Youth Health Engagement Coordinator’s network, a role filled by Sarah Young, WSLHD Youth Council facilitator and Youth Transition Officer.

The core objective of the NSW Health Youth Advisory Group is to amplify the voices of young people, enabling them to shape and influence pertinent policies, programs, and services within NSW Health.

It serves as a driving force for the implementation of the NSW Youth Health Framework, offering indispensable guidance and feedback to the leading NSW Health Youth Health and Wellbeing Committee.

This overarching committee is at the forefront of steering the implementation of the NSW Youth Health Framework, and it includes Graeme Pringle, WSLHD Youth Health Coordinator, as one of its esteemed members.

This is a great opportunity for young people from within our community to provide their local perspectives in a state-wide committee with other young people across the state.”

Sarah Young, WSLHD Youth Council Facilitator

“It is great to see lots of representation from Western Sydney within this committee given our community is 20% young people, and we are one of the most diverse communities in NSW.”

WSLHD’s Youth Council is comprised of young people aged 16-25 that live, work, or engage in health services within western Sydney. It provides consultation and feedback to health services within WSLHD and is in the process of organising a Youth Forum to be held in October.

WSLHD Youth Council with facilitators Sarah Young and Elise Kellett

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