Celebrating trailblazers and excellence in patient care at Westmead Hospital’s QuWest Awards

Gleaming trophies and big smiles were on show at this year’s QuWest Awards at Westmead Hospital, acknowledging the tireless work and constant transformation of patient care undertaken over the past year.

Submissions for the prestigious awards ranged from patient safety initiatives to innovative approaches for school-aged children to access dental care.

Congratulations to the winners:

  • General Managers Award: Head & Neck Free Flap Reconstruction, submitted by Departments of Head and Neck and Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery and Patient Safety Team
  • Patient Safety First: Keeping it Clean, submitted by Blood Transplant and Cell Therapy department
  • Transforming Patient Experience: Little Smiles Program, submitted by F3 Day Surgery Unit 
  • Keeping People Healthy: Preventing Fractures at Westmead Hospital, submitted Department of Diabetes and Endocrinology and Leading Better Value Care Program
  • Integrated Value Based Care: Keeping Baby Home, submitted Maternity Ward 
  • Excellence in Aboriginal Healthcare: Protecting our Future Aboriginal Population, submitted by Women’s and Newborn Health
  • Education and Training: Enhanced Ways to Care for Confused Hospitalised Patients, submitted by Geriatric Medicine
  • People and Culture: Pressure Injury Reduction, submitted by HOPE/OPERA Unit and Medical 2
  • Health Research and Innovation: Laparoscopic assisted deep inferior epigastric artery perforator flap harvest in breast reconstruction, submitted by Department of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery