WSLHD in Legoland: How blocks are shaping the future of nursing and midwifery  

Who says project management is all work and no play?

To encourage creativity in problem solving, Western Sydney Local Health District (WSLHD) has given participants of the WSLHD Nursing & Midwifery Leadership Program some literal building blocks for the future of healthcare in the form of Lego.

Program participants were encouraged to workshop their change management initiatives in a series of sessions focusing on principles such as project initiation, diagnostics, solution design and implementation.

These unique sessions were facilitated by the WSLHD Innovation and Redesign Team, and instead of traditional brainstorming methods, participants dived into the world of Lego Serious Play—a methodological system developed in 1996 and since then adopted by industry giants like eBay, Shell, Qantas, and Google.

This hands-on approach, involving Lego and other craft materials, allowed participants to physically build and present their ideas; simplifying complex problems and enhancing decision-making processes.

Each of the 25 participants were tasked with individually creating a Lego representation of their current project or situation.

These models were then shared within smaller groups, sparking discussion and allowing for the selection of one model to further refine and improve.

Finally, the chosen models were showcased to the larger group, promoting a wider discussion on potential enhancements and refinements.

Hayley Manyu, Project Lead for WSLHD Innovation & Redesign, enthusiastically endorsed the Lego Serious Play method.

“It’s an effective method to use when we are looking to solve some of the more complex challenges we face in health,” she said.

“This approach not only fosters collective imagination and thinking, especially when designing or enhancing care models and processes, but also promotes out-of-the-box ideas and better communication.

“With Lego Serious Play, every concept, problem, and solution is tangibly laid out on the table, inviting participants to engage, test, and decide collaboratively. Plus, it’s not just productive—it’s also a lot of fun!”

By embracing Lego Serious Play, WSLHD has highlighted the importance of creative thinking in addressing healthcare challenges, proving that sometimes the best solutions can be found in the most unexpected places.