Secrets to healthier living on a budget: Western Sydney Diabetes investigates

Western Sydney Diabetes (WSD) Senior Clinical Dietitian Victoria Silvestro

Western Sydney Diabetes (WSD) Senior Clinical Dietitian Victoria Silvestro is holding an informative session on “Healthy Eating on a Budget” during Library Health Month at Merrylands Library.

Ever wondered if you can enjoy three meals a day, plus snacks, for less than the cost of a McChicken Burger? Discover practical tips and tricks to stretch your food budget as Ms. Silvestro shares insights on affordable choices within each food group.

“I hope to dispel the notion that healthy eating is expensive,” Ms. Silvestro emphasised.

“The talk will include advice on reducing your shopping bill.”

Ahead of her talk here’s just a couple of sneak peek tips from Victoria to help you live healthier on a budget;

  • Plan your meals and write a shopping list
  • Buy home-brand (don’t just look at products on eye level!)

Following the talk, participants are invited to the library for diabetes detection testing, where residents can undergo a quick, non-fasting HbA1c test to assess their risk of developing type 2 diabetes.

Untreated, high glucose levels can lead to severe long-term health issues, such as heart, kidney, eye, and foot damage.

WSD Prevention Manager Janine Dawson stressed the importance of early detection.

Type 2 Diabetes is a significant concern in Western Sydney, with rates up to twice as high in our region compared to other parts of Sydney.”

Janine Dawson

WSD aims to reach out to culturally diverse communities and those in lower socio-economic groups, where diabetes is more prevalent. Adults with risk factors, such as a family history of diabetes, an inactive lifestyle, excess weight, or a specific cultural background, are encouraged to get an HbA1c blood test.

“Physical activity and a balanced diet play a vital role in preventing type 2 diabetes. Making lifestyle changes, alongside appropriate medication, helps control blood glucose levels.”

Established in response to the growing diabetes threat, WSD collaborates with WSLHD, Western Sydney Primary Health Network, Diabetes Australia, and the Department of Planning and Environment to address this issue.

Explore a wealth of educational resources on the WSD website, including Healthy Living Options, Healthy Recipe Books, and more. Additionally, check out low-cost, healthy recipes on the NSW Healthy Living website.

Residents over 16 can also access the Get Healthy Service, offering free health coaching by qualified Dietitians and Exercise Physiologists.

Don’t miss out on Library Health Month this September, where you can spring into health at your local library.

For event details, visit Library Health Month. Join us at Merrylands Library on Wednesday, September 20, at 2 pm, located at Newman and Miller streets, Merrylands.

For more event information, click here.