Cicada Innovations to call Westmead home

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Investment NSW has announced Westmead will be home to a new biomedical hub, led by Cicada Innovations.

A biomedical hub is a place where biomedical ideas can be discussed, tested, and come to life.

The Cicada HealthTech Hub, will provide a supportive environment to help healthcare startups be successful.

By emphasising collaboration, this hub encourages commercialisation, making it an ideal starting point for industries seeking solutions to their research and business challenges.

For the people across Westmead, getting involved with Cicada may mean attending a short course on commercialisation right through to renting startup space to be co-located with other likeminded innovators.

Graeme Loy, Chief Executive, Western Sydney Local Health District (WSLHD) acknowledged the announcement as a win for the ever-growing Westmead Health Precinct.

“The Westmead ecosystem, the amazing researchers and innovators who work here, and most of all, the patients of western Sydney,” he said.

“When research and innovation work together, it’s the patients who benefit most as better clinical outcomes are achieved easier and sooner.”

Sally-Ann Williams, CEO, Cicada Innovations emphasised that at the heart of the efforts in the Westmead Health Precinct lies a commitment to empowering local health-focused researchers, clinicians, and frontline staff.

“Our collaboration with the precinct partners is all about nurturing projects and ideas with potential, enabling clinicians and healthcare workers to understand how they can build a roadmap to drive innovations forward, enhance their commercialisation skills and make a broader impact,” she said.

We’re dedicated to leveraging our experience, insights, and networks to uplift health innovators who are deeply invested in improving health outcomes for our community.”

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WSLHD is a partner of the Westmead Health Precinct. The Westmead Health Precinct is one of the largest health, innovation, research, education, and training hubs in Australia. The Precinct is leading the way in gene therapy, phage therapy, and viral vector technologies; also specialising in infectious diseases management, cancer management, and research.

Cicada Innovations supports revolutionary science and technology startups across Australia to help them have impact on the world. Their national incubators, commercialisation training, and community brings together the entrepreneurs, scientists, business leaders, and policymakers to solve complex challenges with deep tech.