Mother’s heartfelt thanks on NICU Day: “NICU nurses are the most amazing human beings in the world”

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Rachel Maxwell, the mother of Mathew Maxwell, a Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) patient, shared her gratitude for the nurses who have been a lifeline during her life challenging journey.

After being delivered at 27 weeks, battling through a number of health complications and surgery at Westmead Children’s Hospital, Matthew is back in the NICU and currently “working hard to grow strong and learn to breathe and feed independently.”

Rachel passed on her advice to other parents who may be going through a similar circumstance.

Speak to the nurses, they are the most amazing human beings in the world.”

Rachel Maxwell

“They care for each child, like they’re their own, which is something that you really appreciate as a parent when you can’t be in the ward all the time.

“There are lactation consultants and support groups, but it’s important to have conversations with other parents in the NICU because they know what you’re going through.”

Rachel’s gratitude for the NICU team was apparent as she described the care that was provided to Matthew, and the support that was provided to her as a parent.

“Thank you because we couldn’t be here without you.”

Today is Thank U NICU Day, an opportunity to acknowledge the many sleepless nights of parents, their alternating waves of hope and despair, the good days and the bad, all of which lead to the joy of seeing these families reunited.

You can learn more about what NICU care teams by following a day in the life of Nasiba Faiz, WSLHD NICU nurse.