Nearly 100 young people attend WSLHD Youth Health Forum, sparking meaningful mental health conversations

WSLHD Youth Council and Youth Health Services recently hosted a Youth Health Forum, attended by 97 local young people, to reflect on the theme of ‘what does mental health and wellbeing mean to you’.

The whole-day program included a Q&A panel which featured Dr Steve Brancatisano (Director of Paediatrics, WSLHD) and Jasmin Ellis (General Manager, Integrated and Community Health) as well as three young mental health advocates of the community; Matt Caruana, Mohammad Awad and Hamani Tanginoa.

This session allowed young people an opportunity to discuss queries related to their mental health and highlight their priorities in youth health.

In addition, there was a tailored expo of services featuring over 15 services available to young people in the community, and an array of workshops to promote self-care and wellbeing strategies including coffee art, bullet journalling and rap/poetry development.

Young people were invited to directly provide feedback on the Young People’s Health Strategy, which will assist in the development of the newest iteration of the NSW Health Youth Health Framework and inform the work of the newly formed WSLHD Youth Health Strategy Committee.

This working group will drive the implementation of the Young People’s Health Strategy within services in WSLHD.

Feedback from the day showed significant improvements in the young people’s knowledge on current health issues for young people, and knowledge of services available in the community.

Being able to attend and help facilitate western Sydney’s first Youth Forum was an absolute privilege.”

Youth Council member, Zoe

“It provided young people with a voice to discuss areas of mental health they believe are important, and sparked meaningful conversation about the stigma of mental health in the community and what young people can do to help themselves and their community when they recognise that someone may need support.”

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