‘Sharing culture and celebrating happiness’: Westmead Hospital’s Outpatients Department hosts jubilant Diwali event

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Westmead Hospital’s Outpatients Department recently held a lunch in honour of the 42 percent of its staff who celebrate Diwali, the Hindu Festival of Lights.

This is a great opportunity to recognise the diversity, as well as the inclusion, in our department. I’m very happy to be able to invite the department to celebrate this very significant holiday.”

Narelle Driver, Nurse Manager – Westmead Outpatients Department

The lunchroom was turned into a vibrant explosion of colour, with decorations, food, and staff dressed up in cultural attire. Westmead Hospital Director of Nursing, Carmen Morgan explained to The Pulse how clothing is a reflection of a number of things, including marital status, and which of the 28 states in India you are from.

“It’s like in Australia with the State of Origin – the Blues and the Maroons,” Narelle joked.

Celebrating Diwali at work is a reflection of the inclusivity and diversity of our workplace.”

Kritika Bhattarai, Administration Officer

“It allows us to share our culture with others, and we get to celebrate the happiness together with colleagues. It makes us feel like a family.”