Go behind the scenes for the making of Westmead Hospital’s Augmented Reality experience

Western Sydney Local Health District’s (WSLHD) Sean Bacon, the mastermind behind the Augmented Reality (AR) tour of Westmead Hospital in celebration of its 45th anniversary, has shared the intricate process of bringing the hospital’s rich history to life through cutting-edge technology.

Sean, Multimedia Specialist for the WSLHD Corporate Communications team, spoke to The Pulse about the innovative project, titled ‘Past meets future’, which promises a unique journey through the facility’s history.

The AR tour is designed for tablets and allows users to explore various stations, each unveiling a different part of Westmead Hospital’s 45-year legacy.

“Augmented reality involves placing virtual objects into the real-world using device cameras,” Sean said.

“Users can scroll through stations featuring historical milestones, ranging from the hospital’s humble beginnings to its current status as a beacon of clinical excellence.”

One fascinating aspect highlighted in the AR tour is the surprising journey of the site from Westmead Speedway to a hub of innovation as Westmead Hospital has cemented itself as a global leader in research and healthcare.

Sean’s tour takes guests on a virtual journey back to the 1930s, bringing to life the significant shift in the landscape and purpose of the location.

WSLHD boasts a talented and dedicated team of staff like Sean, who have been able to bring a niche and exceptional skillset to the district, allowing them to share information in new and exciting ways.

Sean has prior experience creating dynamic AR projects, particularly during his work on an app for the Kokoda Track in Papua New Guinea, which equipped him with the skills needed for this ambitious project.

“It’s a complicated process,” Sean said.

“It begins with extensive research, gathering photographs, and creating 3D models and involves assembling elements, coding, and seamlessly integrating 3D models into the AR experience.”

The result is an app where users can tap into the hospital’s history and achievements with a simple touch.

Despite the technical challenges, Sean emphasises the importance of user-friendliness, ensuring the AR tour is accessible to the general public.

“Problem solving and refining the app to guarantee a seamless experience is an important part of the process.”

The AR tour of Westmead Hospital reflects the hospital’s commitment to innovation and celebrating its legacy.

Sean Bacon’s expertise has brought history to life, allowing visitors to immerse themselves in the past, present, and future of this remarkable institution.

To find out how to book your place on the tour here.