Born at Westmead Hospital, Renee journeyed into the past through the hospital’s exclusive AR tours

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On a special occasion marking Westmead Hospital’s 45th anniversary, Tony Liu and his daughter, Renee, recently joined the hospital’s ground-breaking ‘Past meets future’ Augmented Reality (AR) tour.

For Tony, the tour held a special significance as his daughter, Renee, was born at Westmead Hospital.

“We came on this tour because Renee was born here, so we wanted her to learn about the history of Westmead Hospital and to see where she was born.”

“I also wanted to show her where I work.”

The AR tour, guided by long serving staff, blended archival footage, documents, photographs, and written historical information with interactive design constructions of operating tables and other medical tools.

This immersive experience captivated both Tony and Renee, allowing them to step back in time while appreciating the advancements in healthcare technology.

“The highlight of the tour was the interaction between the technology and the storytelling from the experienced staff who guided us,” Tony said

“I loved seeing the old pictures and features in the current facility.”

The tour not only provided a fascinating historical perspective but also highlighted Westmead Hospital’s ongoing commitment to innovation and excellence.

“We learnt a lot.”

It’s not too late to participate in these tours, with places still available on Friday 24 November.

The tour is free to the public, with information about registration and booking available here.