Blacktown Hospital nurse Divya Matthias made the trip to Westmead Hospital for the AR tours. Here’s her review of the event.

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Westmead Hospital recently celebrated its 45th birthday with an innovative and immersive ‘Past meets Future’ Augmented Reality (AR) tour, showcasing the hospital’s rich history through archival footage, documents, photographs, and interactive design constructions of medical tools, providing a unique blend of the past and present.

Among the attendees was Divya Matthias, a dedicated staff member at Western Sydney Local Health District’s (WSLHD) Blacktown Hospital, who shared her experiences working within the district and her thoughts on the tour.

Originally from India, Divya arrived in Australia in January 2005 and pursued a career in nursing after facing challenges in finding employment in her field of homoeopathy.

Divya’s connection with Blacktown Hospital, where she completed her new grad year, was immediate, with the hospital’s welcoming atmosphere and sense of belonging made it her chosen workplace, marking the beginning of a fulfilling career.

“There’s a sense of satisfaction and a sense of belonging,” she said.

She recently visited her WSLHD colleagues at Westmead Hospital to join the ‘Past meets Future’ tour.

“The use of technology, combined with the long serving tour guide is amazing.”

The ability to interact with knowledgeable guides who could provide additional context and answer questions added a personal touch to the exploration of Westmead Hospital’s history.

“It acknowledges the people who have worked at Westmead Hospital all these years, and acknowledges their wealth of knowledge, and turns it into a human experience.”

As a seasoned professional within WSLHD, Divya highlighted the district’s multiculturalism and the warm welcome extended to all. She expressed pride in the advanced technologies employed at the hospital.

“We’ve got state of the art facilities at WSLHD.”

As the hospital looks back on 45 years of service, it continues to inspire and connect individuals like Divya who contribute to the legacy of compassionate healthcare in Western Sydney.

Get tickets for the final tours here.