Jennifer Hogg worked at Westmead Hospital when its doors first opened 45 years ago. She reminisces during the AR tours.

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Westmead Hospital recently celebrated its 45th anniversary with a series of ground-breaking Augmented Reality (AR) tours titled ‘Past meets future’.

These tours showcase the hospital’s rich history through a combination of archival footage, documents, photographs, written historical information, and interactive design constructions.

Among the tour participants was Jennifer Hogg, who worked as a Laboratory Technician when the hospital first opened in 1978.

In an exclusive interview with The Pulse, Jennifer Hogg shared her experiences and insights as she reminisced about her time working as a Laboratory Technician in histology when Westmead Hospital first opened its doors.

“It was really, really good because when we moved in, it was all brand new.

“We had a great team, a great boss, and I loved working here.”

Jennifer Hogg’s connection to Westmead Hospital runs deep, having witnessed its transformation from a construction site to a fully operational medical facility.

Her decision to join the ‘Past meets Future’ AR tour was fueled by her excitement about revisiting the hospital where she once worked.

“The tour was really good. We know the hospital now. It’s incredible.”

Despite being away for several years, the tour allowed her to reacquaint herself with the hospital’s changes, and reflect on familiar parts of the facility.

It’s not too late to participate in these tours, with places still available on Friday 24 November. The tour is free to the public, with information about registration and booking available here.