From easel to education: How Dr Jennifer Davids is bringing creativity to Westmead Hospital’s Research and Education Network

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Among hallways in Westmead Hospital’s Research and Education Network (REN) building filled with research papers, diagrams and models sits an office with beautiful paintings on the wall.

The office, as well as the paintings, belong to Dr. Jennifer Davids, education consultant at REN (and avid artist in her spare time).

It is this creativity that Jennifer finds so engaging, and it translates well with her work in such ingenious programs as the ‘Code Black’ virtual reality project at WSLHD.

“I tend to do a lot of research and education, developing programs and educational resources,” Jennifer said.

Where we find a need, or when we do our research and find that something is warranted, then we will then go and try and develop the educational resource to support that change or that practice.

With six years at WSLHD, Jennifer came to the district with experience across multiple sectors, from teaching in secondary schools to migrant education, TAFE Queensland, and a research assistant position with Western Sydney University.

Jennifer offered her advice and insights for those considering a research-based role.

“It’s challenging, but rewarding, because the work you can do can be vital for the future of healthcare,” she said.

Her commitment to art is also lifelong, having studied at the National Art School in the 90s, and regularly exhibiting her work.

As WSLHD continues to pioneer in healthcare education, individuals like Jennifer play a crucial role in shaping a holistic and innovative approach to training future healthcare professionals.