Auburn Hospital’s Supportive and Palliative Care Unit: a haven of compassion and comfort for patients and families

Health Minister Ryan Park, and Member for Auburn, Lynda Voltz, recently paid a visit to Auburn Hospital’s Supportive and Palliative Care Unit and the incredible Supportive and Palliative Care team.

“These units are very important not just for the patient, but also for family.”

Minister for Health, Ryan Park

“The team at Auburn Hospital has created a real home away from home for patients and their families.”

Leading the tour of the ward, as well as the team who keeps it running, Is Nurse Unit Manager (NUM) Jason Selmon, who aims to make a positive impact during such a difficult time in a patient and their family’s lives.

“It’s important to make them feel at ease,” Jason said.

“We’ll look after your loved one. Take a breath. Take it easy. We’ll talk about what’s going on and let them know they’re not alone.”

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