16 Days of Activism: WSLHD unites against gender-based violence

Western Sydney Local Health District (WSLHD) joined the global effort against gender-based violence by hosting daily online webinars as part of the “16 Days of activism against Gender-Based Violence” campaign.

This campaign has been underway since November 25th and will conclude on December 10th.

This widely recognised initiative aims to spark action and awareness to prevent and violence against women and girls.

To embrace the global theme “UNITE!”, WSLHD offered 10 daily online webinars that covered a range of issues affecting women in the western Sydney community.

These included violence against Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander women living with traumatic brain injures related to family violence, sexual violence, coercive control and the Law and technology facilitated abuse.

“Gender-based violence against women and girls includes harassment, sexual harassment, discrimination, coercive control, physical violence, sexual violence, verbal abuse, psychological and emotional abuse, economic abuse, and spiritual abuse”.

Ly Johnson, Integrated Violence Prevention & Response Service Coordinator

Shining a light on the situation in Australia, alarming statistics reveal that nearly 1 in 4 women have experienced intimate partner violence since the age of 15, with 1 in 5 facing sexual assault and 1 in 2 enduring sexual harassment.

Tragically, three-quarters of intimate partner homicides involve female victims, and, on average, a woman is killed by someone she knows every 9 days.

“As heath workers we need to be aware of the prevalence of gender-based violence and how to identify and respond to women who have experienced violence. We can also help challenge these social conditions to prevent violence from happening in the first place. Together we can ‘change the story”.

Ly Johnson, Integrated Violence Prevention & Response Service Coordinator