Westmead Hospital’s Brain Injury Rehabilitation Service relocates to freshly refurbished ward


The Brain Injury Rehabilitation Service has transferred to a bright and airy refurbished ward in Westmead Hospital.

The move is a temporary relocation to allow for the construction of the new Integrated Mental Health Complex, which will include a new purpose-built unit for brain injury rehabilitation.

Nurse Manager Leonnie Dawson said it was hard for some people to say goodbye to the old unit on Redbank Road, but the temporary ward on A4C is “ten times” better.

“People were sad because they’ve been in the old unit for a long time, but this is a change for the better,” Leonnie said.

“The refurbished ward is much nicer for patients because they’re open rooms with big windows and lots of natural light.

“It’s got everything we need and it’s part of the actual hospital, so we feel more integrated.”

The refurbished ward includes 12 single inpatient bedrooms with ensuites, dining area, therapy spaces, a gym and an outdoor courtyard.

“It’s really, really good for patients – there’s so much more space available here,” Leonnie said.

Patient Martin Bognuda from Mount Vernon arrived in the unit four weeks ago after a serious fall and was one of the first patients transferred to the new ward.

He said the move went very smoothly.

“The move was pretty good – there were no problems and it’s roomy, nice and bright,” he said.

Glynis Bognuda visits her husband every day and said Martin was steadily improving.

“Martin’s come a long way. He’s getting better and we’re just taking it slowly,” she said.

Staff also have their eye on the long-term goal – a purpose-built new unit in the Integrated Mental Health Complex.

Registered nurse Lisa Phuong said everyone was excited about the temporary move but looking forward to big future plans.

“Everyone is excited for the new building – we can’t wait to move there and have a permanent place of our own,” Lisa said.

The refurbished temporary ward on A4C includes:

  • 12 single inpatient bedrooms with ensuites
  • Patient common areas including a family lounge area, servery and dining area
  • An outdoor courtyard with a new platform lifter for patients
  • Therapy spaces including a gym, treatment room and plaster room
  • Activities of daily living facilities including kitchen and laundry
  • Integrated workspaces for staff
  • New equipment including patient and visitor chairs
  • New storage solutions for wheelchairs and other clinical items
  • A new patient entertainment system.

For more information about the new Integrated Mental Health Complex, visit https://www.wslhd.health.nsw.gov.au/Mental-Health-Services/Latest-Updates/integrated-mental-health-complex