‘I learnt how to brush my teeth’: WSLHD’s Multicultural Health Services runs expo for western Sydney high school students

Youth Hello Doctor Expos Cumberland (Holroyd IEC) Lisa Yoo, Oral health Therapist

Western Sydney Local Health District’s (WSLHD) Multicultural Health Services held two Multicultural Youth Hello Doctor Expos this year in partnership with Chifley College Shalvey Campus in Blacktown LGA and Holroyd High School and Intensive English Centre in Cumberland LGA.

The events focus on empowering students with healthcare knowledge, shining a light on the health programs and local health services across WSLHD.

We didn’t have to encourage the students to ask questions – they were inquisitive and keen to learn.

Sue Mallick, WSLHD Perinatal Child, and Youth Mental Health Services

“To me, Embracing Mental Health and Wellbeing is all about noticing or realising those small achievements, taking small actions, or even finding a well-balance or coping style,” WSLHD Multicultural Health Youth Program Officer Daniel Apat said.

“Taking small steps toward one’s health not only improves their health but can help provide a well-balanced mental and physical wellbeing which has been the focus of this year’s Multicultural Youth Hello Doctor Expos”.

Having been to both Multicultural Youth Hello Doctor expos, my biggest take away was the magical experience for all involved. I was able to pass on health messages to the students through magical tricks!

Ariel Diaz, Children of Parents with a Mental Illness (COPMI) – Perinatal Child, and Youth Mental Health Services

Through games and quizzes at a variety of booths, students were exposed to local resources, breaking down barriers to accessing and engaging with essential healthcare services.

They gave us lots of information good for our health, which I will share with my friends and family members. I have learnt how to brush my teeth, how many times per day and the best way to do it.

Holroyd High School/Intensive English Centre student

The theme, Embracing Mental Health and Wellbeing, inspired activities to increase awareness, provide exposure to relevant services, encourage engagement, and facilitate resource sharing with students and their families.

Anticipated outcomes of this fantastic WSLHD initiative include heightened mental health awareness, increased knowledge of local services, reduced access barriers, and the sharing of resources within communities.

The expo was an absolute hit with both our Intensive English Centre and high school students. It afforded our students invaluable knowledge about the support services and resources available to them as well as essential health and wellbeing skills.

Cindy Huynh, EAL/D Teacher/HHS & IEC Refugee Support Coordinator – Holroyd High School/Intensive English Centre

Thanks to WSLHD health programs, affiliated health services and non-health services, these events were successful due to their collaboration.

For more info about the Multicultural Youth Hello Doctor Expo or have any questions about working with young people from CALD backgrounds within WSLHD, please don’t hesitate to contact Daniel.