GALLERY: Explore Westmead Hospital’s festive wards, decorated by the hospital’s devoted staff


The staff of Westmead Hospital have come together this year to transform the hospital’s wards with colourful and creative decorations in the spirit of the holiday season.

Take a journey through the gallery below into the joy and merriment decking the halls of Westmead Hospital.

Surgical Close Observation Unit

Being a ‘Christmas baby’ inspires me to decorate the ward every year, and it also gives joy to our patients who are away from their family to experience Christmas spirit in the ward.

Jessielyn Diaz, Associate Nurse Unit Manager

Maternity Ward

The Maternity Ward theme this year was “100 Years of Disney- The happiest place in the world”. The Mickey Mouse Christmas Tree plays continuous loops of songs made famous by Disney films—just to keep Maternity staff smiling.

Vicki Wilde-Shooter, Midwifery Unit manager

Department of Pharmacy

The decorations were inspired by my desire to create a festive and joyful atmosphere that encourages team spirit, boosts morale and brings a sense of celebration and warmth to our workplace during this season.

Jane Haque, Senior Pharmacy Technician

Peripherally Inserted Central Catheter (PICC) Clinic

These decorations have allowed us to have positive conversations with patients entering our clinic.

Rocela Munoz, Clinical Nurse Specialist

Speech Pathology Department

There’s always lots of anticipation about what fun theme we’ll choose each year. We’ve had lots of lovely compliments from people who walk by our department, sticking their head in for a look and a quick photo to show their family!

Tara Fitzsimons,Speech Pathologist

Occupational Therapy Department

The end of the year is often a stressful and busy time, but having some decorations around to make people smile has definitely helped make things a bit more joyful in the office!

Elise Brush, Allied Health Assistant

Research Office

I LOVE Christmas and I wanted to make something special for my team.

Kellie Hansen, Manager

Neonatal Intensive Care Unit

The reaction has been phenomenal! So many people from different areas within the hospital have popped in to check out the decorations and get their photos taken in the life-sized Barbie box. Our message for everyone this holiday break is to relax and in the words of Barbie herself: “have the best day ever!”

Leah Peters & Jennie Laurent, Clinical Nurse Specialists

Oral Health

I was inspired to enter my department into the Christmas Decoration competition after I’d seen the wonderful job that my colleagues Magdalene Pasco and Karmela Liscevic did to bring some Christmas joy to the reception area of the Oral Health Executive Unit.

Brooke Davidson, Executive Assistant to the General Manager, WSLHD Oral Health

Women’s Health Clinic

We have people from all over the hospital coming in and admiring our decorations. It is wonderful to see so many happy faces. The patients, their families and the kids love it too. There is a sense of calm when they walk in the door and when they see our happy Christmas cheers they feel happy too.

Quentine Kwong, Midwifery Unit Manager

Nursing Clinical Support (e2)

Visitors coming by are pausing to admire the decorations, with some comments comparing to a Myer Store decoration! We wish everyone a safe and Happy Christmas with their family and friends.

Jo Merkelbach van Enkhuizen, Nursing Unit Manager

Orderly Department

This was a team effort from the orderly’s department, special shout out to Sarah (Nibby) Niblock who chose this colourful and bright style as it matches her big personality. We wanted it out in the public to spread the Christmas cheer with anybody who walked past. I feel that there has been a positive reaction with our Christmas decorations – people walk past and look with an instant smile on their face.

Brad Gannon, Acting orderly supervisor   

Birth Unit

A team of midwives got together and thought an Aussie Backyard Christmas would be a fabulous idea. We also have a kindness advent calendar where each day we single out various parts of our team to show our appreciation for all their hard work this year. Our Birth Unit family wish all our colleagues at Westmead Hospital and our beautiful pregnant women and their families a very joyous Christmas.

Beverly Bowen, Midwife

Operating Suite

We love to decorate and brighten up our reception at Christmas time and to see the joy and smiles that it puts on the faces of both staff and patients alike who come to the Operating Suite. The reaction is always positive and appreciative. It’s a opportunity for staff to unleash their inner Christmas flair.

Jennifer Morgan, Clinical Nurse Educator, Perioperative/Anaesthetics

Day Ward

The reactions have been overwhelmingly positive, with both patients and staff appreciating the thoughtful effort to bring festive cheer to the new ward.

Saloni KC, Enrolled Nurse

Breast Cancer Institute

When the idea to have a Pink Ribbon Christmas Tree was presented to our staff, the idea ignited our team’s creativity and compassion.  It became the melting pot of all things pink.  The pink ribbon was chosen as it is the universal symbol of breast cancer. 

Nicole Matalavea, Acting Nurse Unit Manager

Westmead Intensive Care

For people who feel they may be stuck in hospital over Christmas – I’ve learnt that you can make Christmas celebrations any day. Celebrate with us, and then go home with your family and celebrate again with them too. 

Julie Butterworth,Clinical Nurse Specialist