Rouse Hill Hospital: A vision for patient-centered wellness in western Sydney’s diverse community

Western Sydney will soon be home to a new facility – Rouse Hill Hospital.

The facility will boast an impressive list of services – from emergency care and in-patient beds to virtual consultations and prehabilitation programs.

It will be a leader in innovation, bridging the gap between hospital and home, seamlessly integrating advanced technology for a personalised healthcare experience.

The Pulse recently interviewed the newly appointed General Manager of Rouse Hill Hospital, Julia Underwood.

What is your vision for Rouse Hill Hospital?

The Vision for Rouse Hill Hospital is to build a service that becomes a part of the Community’s overall wellness journey.

Our services will be patient centred, which means we consider every patient’s circumstances, needs, preferences, and values to plan and provide care.

When I think about the future hospital, I also think about connectedness.

The hospital will be connected to patients, our Community, local GPs and other members of our Community’s care team through seamless communication channels.

It will be digitally connected by embracing the latest in health technology and, very importantly, it will be culturally connected by reflecting connection to country and the values of our diverse community.

What inspires you?

I care very deeply about people.

Advocating for the health, safety and wellbeing of those around me was a part of the value system I was raised with, so a career in public health seemed a very natural pathway to follow.

Over decades, I have drawn a great amount of joy and motivation from being able to support others through success, whether that has been my patients achieving health and wellness, or the team members I have mentored who have grown and gone on to achieve their own professional successes.

Why are you passionate about western Sydney?

Western Sydney embraces incredible diversity, whether it be our beautifully rich cultural background, our geographical mix of town and country or the mix of life experiences within our Community.

There is so much opportunity to collaborate, learn and grow together and I feel very privileged to be in a role that allows me to be a part of the journey.

Briefly summarise your career journey to now

I began my 26 year long health career journey as a Dental Therapist providing dental treatment to school children in community-based clinics.

As time progressed, and I continued my studies, I moved into the Hospital system within Medical Services, eventually spending a number of years within the Campbelltown & Camden Hospitals Executive Leadership Team as the Medical Services Operations Manager.

My most recent role was the Director for Campbelltown Hospital Redevelopment which delivered an almost doubled size for the hospital and some amazing new facilities for the Community.

I am very privileged to have been appointed as the General Manager Rouse Hill Hospital, and am enjoying working together with the WSLHD Team, Project partners and the local Community to build our new Hospital.

What message do you have for residents of western Sydney who are eagerly awaiting the hospital?

I would like to encourage the Community to join us on the journey to plan the new Hospital.

Having community involvement and feedback provides the best possible opportunity to ensure the Hospital meets the needs of the Community.

There are lots of ways to become involved and we are happy to receive as much or as little input as people are able to give.

I would encourage residents to visit the website to keep informed about progress and to reach out if they would like to become more involved in the process.

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