Auburn Hospital’s heartfelt celebration for carers in the western Sydney community

Auburn Hospital recently celebrated National Carers Week, providing an important opportunity to acknowledge and appreciate the invaluable contributions of the 2.65 million Australians who selflessly care for family members or friends.

The western Sydney facility, dedicated to fostering a culture of support and appreciation, took active measures to celebrate and raise awareness during this significant week, setting up a number of events and activities to actively engage its staff and create an environment that champions the well-being of carers.

One notable initiative was the information stall, where staff members were encouraged to participate by completing a ‘heart’ about a known carer, while also learning more about carers, and how to access crucial support.

Another highlight of Auburn Hospital’s National Carers Week celebration was an information session and afternoon tea, featuring Carers Gateway representatives.

The nationwide program supports carers of all ages, sharing insights with hospital staff on enhancing support.

We recognise any staff or patients who may be carers, and we thank them for their kindness, empathy, and compassion.

Carmen Hoffmann, Acting Director of Safety and Quality

“At Auburn hospital, we have 17 staff who are carers to a family member or friend,” Carmen said.

Auburn Hospital’s proactive celebration underscores its commitment to a supportive environment, acknowledging carers and raising awareness about their challenges.

This collective effort ensures carers’ invaluable contributions are recognised and honoured, fostering a compassionate community within the hospital and beyond.