Meet the first NSW baby of 2024, Kaneisi Kanongataa, born at Auburn Hospital

With a big yawn, tiny Kaneisi Kanongataa stretched out in her father’s arms while television and newspaper crews captured some precious images of her first day on Earth.

Only a few hours old, Kaneisi is already a bit of a celebrity after being confirmed as the first baby born in a NSW metro public hospital this year.

With lots of cuddles from mother Makelesi Kamaloni and father Nawruz Kanongataa, their newborn daughter has already captured hearts in the Maternity Ward at Auburn Hospital following her arrival at 4.44am on New Year’s Day.

“I was originally booked in for a C-section on January 2, but at around 3am this morning I started to have contractions,” Makelesi said.

“It was a surprise that she came early but she is such a blessing for my family and she is already so loved.

“She is named after my mum, and also after my niece who passed away last month. We didn’t know the gender before she came out and when we saw she was a girl, we knew straight away what the name would be.”

Kaneisi joins the family as the youngest of four children, and Makelesi is certain her fame as the first baby born in NSW in 2024 is something she will be especially proud of when she grows up.

“I think she’ll milk it and brag about it, especially to her older siblings!”

The family also wished to share their thanks for the care they received at Auburn Hospital.

“The nurses and doctors from Auburn Hospital were very good to us, and thank you so much to them for being such a big part of delivering our baby safely into the world. We were very lucky to have the team that we did taking care of us.”