Dr Traci-Anne Goyen recognised for her research helping Westmead Hospital’s tiniest patients in NICU

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Westmead Hospital’s Dr Traci-Anne Goyen plays an essential role in treating the facility’s tiniest patients in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) and was recently recognised as Western Sydney Local Health District’s (WSLHD) Allied Health Researcher of the Year for 2023.

With 30 years of experience, Traci’s passion for helping vulnerable newborns and their families shines through in everything she does, from bedside care to groundbreaking research.

“Allied Health ticks all my boxes,” Traci said.

I love working with people, collaborating as a team, and seeing my work make a significant and meaningful impact.

Dr. Traci-Anne Goyen, Clinical Specialist Occupational Therapist, NICU Westmead Hospital

Traci’s work focuses on optimising development for preterm infants in the complex NICU environment.

But her impact extends far beyond the hospital walls.

She follows her patients’ progress long after they leave, informing her clinical research aimed at improving outcomes for all preterm babies.

I’ve watched thousands of babies grow and develop over the years.

Dr. Traci-Anne Goyen, Clinical Specialist Occupational Therapist, NICU Westmead Hospital

One project she’s particularly proud of is the PIN study, which seeks to prevent brain damage in extremely premature infants.

This multidisciplinary pilot, successfully completed amidst the challenges of COVID, has immense potential.

“I’m currently building a team of national and international investigators to extend this pilot research into a large multi-centre trial to help answer our research question,” Traci said.

But for Traci, it’s not just about accolades.

“Good work only happens when surrounded by good people.

“From our lovely cleaners, admin staff, educators and support specialists, to the amazing and dedicated nursing and medical staff – thank you to all these good people who recognise the value and importance of Allied Health professionals.

“Everyone plays a crucial role in delivering world-class care for our tiny patients and their families.”

Traci’s achievements are a reflection of her dedication, expertise, and collaborative spirit.

She is not just a skilled researcher, but a champion for its most vulnerable patients and a true embodiment of the Allied Health spirit.