Community collaboration and professional development milestones in WSLHD’s Integrated and Community Health team

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Western Sydney Local Health District’s (WSLHD) Integrated & Community Health (ICH) team, under the leadership of General Manager Jasmin Ellis, has emerged as a finalist in three prestigious categories at the NSW Premier’s Awards 2023 ceremony.

The awards, recognising outstanding achievements, highlighted ICH’s commitment to driving public sector delivery, excellence in service delivery, and providing the highest quality healthcare.

I am incredibly proud of our team’s perseverance and hard work resulting in ICH representing WSLHD as finalists in three award categories.

General Manager, WSLHD Integrated & Community Health, Jasmin Ellis

This recognition not only showcases the team’s commitment to innovation but also their impact on improving health outcomes for diverse communities.

The success continued with the recent inaugural WSLHD ICH Conference, where staff members, speakers and stallholders came together to share their expertise and initiatives.

“I remain proud of all our teams for their dedication towards improving the health and well-being of communities across western Sydney amidst challenging circumstances,” Jasmin said.

The theme of the conference, ‘Together Making a Difference, Integrated Innovators, Community Collaborators,’ resonated throughout the event.

Jasmin expressed her gratitude to Juanita Taylor, Director of Nursing & Midwifery; Carol Denne, Nursing Education Manager, and the ICH Conference Committee for their leadership in organising the successful event.

Attendees were encouraged to provide feedback on their experiences, reinforcing the commitment to continuous improvement.

As part of their ongoing efforts to enhance patient care, ICH has also launched new Patient Experience Surveys on the My Experience Matters (MEM) platform.

Jasmin emphasised the importance of these surveys.

“Experience measures are an integral part of service monitoring and continuous improvement, providing us with direct and timely feedback about our patient’s experiences.”

The commitment to excellence extends to the professional development of ICH staff, with upcoming Basic Life Support assessment sessions scheduled.

Jasmin urges staff members to participate, emphasising the importance of these sessions in maintaining a high standard of care.

I’m looking forward to supporting the continued efforts of our teams at ICH towards quality improvement initiatives and have no doubts we’ll be sending through another strong selection of projects in the future.