‘Filled with immense pride’: New Graduate Registered Nurse follows in mum’s footsteps at Blacktown Hospital

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Blacktown Hospital recently welcomed a fresh face to its nursing team, extending a legacy that spans generations.

Maddison Sara, a bright-eyed graduate hailing from north-western Sydney, has started her career as a New Graduate Registered Nurse (RN) in the bustling Cardiology department at Blacktown Hospital.

What sets her journey apart is the profound familial tie she shares with the facility, as well as with Western Sydney Local Health District (WSLHD).

“Blacktown Hospital is actually where I was born,” Maddison said.

For Maddison, nursing isn’t merely a career choice; it’s a calling deeply ingrained in her upbringing.

“My parents inspired me to pursue a career in nursing as they are both Registered Nurses working in the WSLHD.

“Their knowledge and caring nature are something I always aspired to.”

Both her parents proudly serve as Registered Nurses within WSLHD, with her mother, Treena, currently making her mark as an ICU Clinical Nurse Specialist and Research Coordinator at Blacktown Hospital.

Treena’s journey in nursing commenced nearly three decades ago when she embarked on her own career as a New Graduate RN at the very same hospital where her daughter is.

It’s surreal to think my mum walked these halls nearly 30 years ago – probably feeling the same mix of excitement and nerves that I feel today.

Maddison Sara, New Graduate Registered Nurse (RN)

“Witnessing Maddi follow in my footsteps fills me with immense pride – our parallel paths in nursing, from Enrolled Nurse to Registered Nurse to New Graduate is incredibly special,” Treena said.

“I’m not sure if she realises how special this is to me, and how extremely proud I am of her.”

While the prospect of working alongside family may evoke mixed emotions for some, Treena emphasised the importance of allowing Maddison the freedom to carve her own path.

“It’s an honour to have your child alongside you in the same hospital, but it’s equally important to let them navigate through their journey without interference.

“Knowing that Maddi is just around the corner brings a sense of comfort.”

As Maddison steps into her new role, she carries with her not only the academic knowledge from her studies but also the invaluable wisdom passed down through generations of nursing in her family.

With her mother’s guidance and the camaraderie of her colleagues at Blacktown Hospital, Maddison is set to leave a mark in nursing in western Sydney.