A social club started by immigrants after World War II has donated vital equipment to Westmead Women’s and Newborn Health department

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In a heartfelt gesture aimed at enhancing the healthcare services for women and newborns, the Byleorussian Social and Cultural Club recently made a significant donation to the Westmead Women’s and Newborn Health unit.

The donation, valued at over $107,000 comprised of two Cardiotocography (CTG) machines for the birth unit, totalling $77,000, and four Transcutaneous Bilirubinometers (TCBs) with a total cost of $30,000.

CTG machines play a pivotal role in monitoring fetal heartbeat during pregnancy, enabling healthcare professionals to detect any abnormalities early on.

Similarly, TCBs are indispensable tools for screening and estimating serum bilirubin levels in newborns, aiding in the timely detection and treatment of jaundice.

The donation is essential to not only the Women’s Health department but to the community as both pieces of equipment allow us to detect issues with the babies that may be at risk and allow earlier intervention and treatment.

Catherine Bone, Consumer Health Education & Information Manager, Westmead Women’s and Newborn Health

The decision to donate to the Westmead Women’s and Newborn Health unit stems from the Byleorussian Social and Cultural Club’s rich history and legacy.

Established by Byelorussian immigrants who arrived in Australia after World War II, the club has served as a beacon of community support and cultural preservation.

Many of its founding members fled persecution and hardship in Europe, seeking refuge and opportunities in Australia.

Over the years, the club has actively contributed to various charitable endeavours, including hosting children affected by the Chernobyl disaster and supporting local community initiatives.

Now, with only a handful of the aging generation remaining, the club faced the question of how to best utilise its remaining funds.

In a poignant tribute to their heritage and the sacrifices of their parents, the decision was made to donate vital medical equipment to Westmead Hospital.

We hope that our parents would be proud of this move, ensuring their legacy lives on through tangible contributions to the health and well-being of the community.

Directors & Members of the Byleorussian Social and Cultural Club members