‘Strong leadership, empathy and empowerment’: Read the touching tributes WSLHD staff have submitted for women in the district

In honour of International Women’s Day, which is celebrated annually on 8 March, Western Sydney Local Health District (WSLHD) has come together to acknowledge and uplift the remarkable women who work throughout the district.

This year’s theme is #InspireInclusion with a focus on creating a more inclusive world for women. To bring this theme to life, The Pulse asked staff to nominate a woman they admire within the organisation, letting us know how she #InspiresInclusion.

The Pulse was inundated with submissions, highlighting the leadership, dedication and compassion that WSLHD women bring to work each day.

See a selection of the heartfelt submissions we received below.

Angela is an astounding source of energy and enthusiasm. Without a doubt, she has the undying respect of all her colleagues. Angela leads by example and as a result has built around her a team that strives to go above and beyond, just like her. As a manager she has an open door policy and is always available to offer help and guidance to anybody that asks. The inspiration of her limitless drive are her patients, who always come first and are at the core of her work ethic. She has a great sense of humour and a passion for life that is catching.

Nomination for Angela Bayley

Puja is a super woman!! Clinical haematologist, Director of Pre-vocational Training and Education, PhD student, mother, wife, friend.

Nomination for Puja Bhattacharyya

Pritha is incredibly hard working with a strong attention to detail and is always reliable.

Nomination for Pritha Das Mondal

Judy has stepped into a new role and forged a strong bond with her team. She is always calm and measured, approachable and welcoming and is someone the staff constantly go to for help and guidance. She is strong in her decision making but does so with empathy and fairness. She approaches her work with positiveness and that shows in the way she coordinates staff and care delivery.

Nomination for Judy Uys

Sangeeta consistently demonstrates an unparalleled level of kindness, professionalism, and accommodation in her responsibilities, making her a shining example of the theme #InspireInclusion. Her meticulous work not only keeps our spaces immaculate but also contributes to fostering a welcoming and respectful atmosphere for everyone, embodying the spirit of this significant day. As we celebrate women’s achievements and contributions, Sangeeta stands out as a vital part of our workplace, showcasing how her role in General Services is not just about maintaining cleanliness but also about contributing to the overall well-being and inclusivity of Auburn Hospital. Her dedication to excellence and positive impact truly deserves recognition on this special occasion.

Nomination for Sangeeta Tuli

Katica is an incredibly hard working, patient-centered, empathetic person who handles her role with compassion, dignity and grace!

Nomination for Katica Siric

Vanessa is an up-and-coming leader within the organisation and genuinely cares for her team and colleagues, fostering a truly inclusive workplace. Vanessa supports and inspires her team providing clinical supervision, direct services, and a range of quality improvement activities including published research. She balances her roles as a mother, daughter, friend, colleague, employee, and leader like a boss! She also is an experienced rock climber and has a talent for making plants grow.

Nomination for Vanessa Lau

Madeline embodies the essence of empowerment as a Fitter/Welder in the Maintenance Dept at Westmead Hospital, breaking barriers in a traditionally male dominated workforce. Her presence is a ray of sunshine, illuminating the path for other women with her modern ideas and ideals. Through networking and showcasing her skills, Madeline not only garners admiration but also encourages other women to pursue careers in non-traditional fields. As a beacon of empowerment for youth, she demonstrates that gender should never be a barrier to success, inspiring a new generation of women to embrace their potential and contribute to diverse workplaces.

Nomination for Madeline Mercieca

Trish is an outstanding woman in haematology. She is the embodiment of a caring patient-centred clinician with outstanding communication skills, empathy and commitment to providing the best possible care to each of her patients and family. She is a supportive coworker who seeks to actively mentor junior staff and colleagues. She accomplishes this all whilst being a very involved mother to two beautiful teenagers and partner to her equally beautiful wife.  I am very lucky to have her in my department as both a professional and personal support to my leadership across many years.

Nomination for Dr Trish Rebeiro

Rosy gives 1000% in everything she does. She goes above and beyond with all our patients. I’ve never seen anyone without a smile in her presence. Rosy raised thousands of dollars for leukaemia when she shaved her head for ‘be brave and shave’ and has donated hundreds and hundreds of bags to Share the Dignity with her charity work. Rosy is one very special lady and dear friend that I aspire to be like.

Nomination for Rosy Mogg

Melanie is an inspiration, she tirelessly works to deliver her program whilst supporting our NUMS and Program leads to do their jobs. As a CNC she is always there for our nurses and goes above and beyond to support programs within the LHD.

Nomination for Melanie Talbot

Nazeem is very helpful and so knowledgeable about her work, within a very fast pace environment. Within only a few months of starting the role, she has become a true inspiration and a role model for all the newcomers and existing staff. Nazeem is talented and approachable at work all the time when needed.

Nomination for Nazeem Mansuri

Kathryn is an amazing person – she is kind, caring, empathetic. She’s incredibly committed to the work she does and always has time for everyone. A great leader and an extraordinary worker.

Nomination for Kathryn Worne

Tracey had exerted selfless efforts to help the Eye Clinic to render excellent eye health to our ophthalmic patients. Tracey initiated the NICE (Nurse-led Cataract Examination) Clinic, which aimed to reduce the clinic wait-time for day one post-operative routine cataract surgery patients in our clinic.  Tracey has trained Registered Nurses to gain relevant skills which are crucial for this Clinic.  Due to Tracey’s hard work, diligence and great initiative, visible results were obtained.

Nomination for Tracey Wilson

Divya is an outstanding performer who constantly displays exceptional skills, dedication, empathy and social skills to all those around her. She is ever-willing to help out even it does not belong to her role and always has a smile and a greeting for anyone that she comes across. Her dedication and commitment to her work has been nothing shot of exceptional.

Nomination for Divya Vyas

Faith has progressed from dental assistant to running a department. She has always confidently stood up to overcome challenges and become the strong young lady she is today, always leading with a smile.

Nomination for Faith Helg

Ingrid has an innate ability to make people feel welcomed. She’s done this in the past in many ways including introductions to people across the District, taking the time to demonstrate systems and processes that are outside of her own remit, and by being a supportive colleague when things seem challenging. Put in a different way, Ingrid always puts the needs of others ahead of her own. And for that, it would be fitting to see her recognised on International Women’s Day.

Nomination for Ingrid Mikulec

Catherine has amazing leadership skills.

Nomination for Catherine McLean

Daria shows remarkable dedication and strong leadership. She is always willing to help out her team and others no matter how busy she is. Daria is extremely organised and focused on developing best practices to many routine activities both effectively and efficiently. Daria is a pleasure to work with.

Nomination for Daria Korobanova

Susanne inspires inclusion through her wonderful leadership that is forged from her many years of experience as a clinician, front line manager and leader. She provides consistent and equitable opportunities for consultation and feedback, which empowers best practice, and devises innovative solutions. Susanne includes you in the conversation and you can tell it is genuine from her communication and engagement. She leads by example, and empowers us all to strive for the best possible outcomes for our clients and clinicians.

Nomination for Susanne Alderson