Blacktown ED farewells Joan Brown after two decades of support and care

In the heart of Blacktown Hospital’s Emergency Department (ED), there’s a special person whose career has stemmed more than two decades.

Executive Assistant Joan Brown, has dedicated her time and expertise to the department, leaving her mark on both the staff and its patients.

Joan’s story began in July 2003 when she stepped into the realm of on-call administration.

It didn’t take long for her commitment and dedication to be noticed, and by October 2004, Joan a found herself in a full-time administrative role, becoming an essential part of the ED family.

As the years unfolded, Joan’s role evolved and by June 2009, she assumed the position of Executive Assistant, bringing a wealth of experience to the ED team.

Joan formed lasting connections with the clinical, nursing, and administrative staff that extended beyond the hospital walls.

Reflecting on her time, Joan shared some of her favourite memories including the joy of watching doctors advance in their careers and having experienced the ED both as a professional and as a patient, she expressed confidence in the department.

If the need arose, she and her family would not hesitate to seek the care and expertise provided by the team.

As Joan prepares to embark on a new chapter in her life called retirement, she acknowledges the invaluable support from former BMDH ED Director Dr Reza Ali and staff specialist Dr Melvin who supported her during her first ten years as administrative assistant.

“Joan didn’t just navigate administrative duties; she played a vital role in helping junior doctors get accustomed to the department and, for many, adapt to a new country,” Dr Reza Ali said.

“Her guidance and support were instrumental in their success, fostering a sense of camaraderie and shared purpose.”

To her successor, Joan’s shares these words of wisdom acknowledges the challenges but emphasises the rewards that come with the job.

The journey may be demanding at times, but the rewards and satisfaction from making a difference in the lives of others makes everything worthwhile.

Joan Brown, Executive Assistant

BMDH ED Director Dr Karina Hochholzer added Joan has always had the doctor’s interests, and the department, as her top priority, forming friendships and long-lasting relationships with the staff.

“Joan is our BMDH ED annual cricket match official scorer, which we hope she continues in her retirement. BMDH ED sincerely thank her for her commitment over so many years,” Karina said.

Joan looks forward to spending cherished moments with her children, grandchildren, and great-grandchildren. Holidays and road trips await her, fueled by a love for driving and a thirst for new experiences.