Westmead Hospital hosts Education Colloquium, with esteemed panel discussing advances in patient care

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Westmead Hospital has proudly hosted an Education Colloquium focusing on driving population health through new models of care and developing advanced clinical practice models for western Sydney.

The seminar featured a line-up of distinguished healthcare executives including international guest speaker Professor Beverly Harden along with esteemed leaders from the Ministry of Health, Western Sydney Local Health District (WSLHD) and Sydney Health Partners.

The event was an occasion to bring together key stakeholders to work on clinical practice and support WSLHD’s endeavours for innovation in models of care.

Dr Roslyn Crampton, Director of Education, WSLHD set the tone for the day, announcing in her introduction:

We have such a wonderful opportunity before us today to explore how we can empower the professionals in health, to work at their full scope of practice, to give our patients and our community the right care at the right place, at the right time.

Dr Roslyn Crampton

To begin the conversation, Susan Pearce, Secretary NSW Ministry of Health was interviewed by Graeme Loy, Chief Executive, WSLHD. Throughout this thought-provoking discussion, Susan Pearce talked about her vision for workforce transformation. “There’s room enough in this system for everyone … and we do need to challenge and push systems that have always been done,” Susan said.

3. 2024-03-13 Westmead Cabaret Room, WECC,Clinical practice colloquium left to right, Susan Pearce, Graham Loy QA

Other speakers included Associate Professor Jacqueline Dominish OAM, Director Health Professional Workforce, NSW Ministry of Health and renowned international guest speaker Professor Beverly Harden MBE, Deputy Chief AHP Officer and Multi-Professional Lead for Advancing Practice NHS.

Professor Harden shared her wisdom and extensive leadership experience while exploring issues of utilising scope of practice when talking about the success story of the NHS.

Luke Taylor, Acting District Director of Allied Health gave a local perspective on behalf of WSLHD and reflected on the event as an opportunity to support WSLHD clinicians to better use their existing expertise for patients. “Working on practice models in this way helps us address challenges in care delivery, including fragmented care and opportunities to improve the way multi-disciplinary teams work seamlessly for the patient,” Luke said.

WSLHD priorities were then discussed in a workshop, which Luke Taylor described as “presenting an opportunity to focus on local challenges and opportunities for western Sydney and show the system how we are innovating and how the system can support us to do more”.

Having a mix of front-line clinicians, through to international experts working together to solve our challenges was a rare opportunity. WSLHD benefited greatly from the collective expertise in the room.

Luke Taylor

The Education Colloquium was a progressive and interactive event that served as an opportunity to produce learnings that will better help deliver healthcare.

It was a clear demonstration of how working together with WSLHD stakeholders can lead to tangible change for the western Sydney community.