WINNERS’ LIST: Junior doctors at Westmead Hospital recognised for exceptional contributions to patient care

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Westmead Hospital has celebrated the next generation of clinicians in an award ceremony acknowledging the efforts and contributions of junior doctors.

The Westmead Resident Medical Officers Association (RMOA), and its president, Theodore Iannuzzi, recognised the outstanding contributions of several junior doctors within the ranks in a variety of categories.

The following awards were recognised:

Interns of the Year:

Dominique Lahood-Haddad

Joel Jansen

Residents of the Year:

Abhishek Goyal

Ella Tessarolo

Senior Resident Medical Officers (SRMO) of the Year:

Gustavo Scavuzzo

Lachlan Allan

Registrars/Advanced Trainees of the Year:

Brian Lam

Slaven Nikolic

The Pulse spoke with the recipients, with Gustavo Scavuzzo, an Unaccredited Registrar in Obstetrics and Gynecology, expressing gratitude for the recognition.

“It’s an incredible honour to be considered by my peers and supervisors in this way. I’m also very proud of the other JMOs selected for recognition,” he said.

Gustavo highlighted the challenges of the junior doctor role, emphasising the importance of maintaining focus on patients and colleagues amidst the chaos.

“Being a JMO is hard,” he said, “but through keeping patients and colleagues at the centre of your focus, you will not just excel but find your job incredibly enjoyable.”

Abhishek Goyal, a first year Basic Physician Trainee, felt privileged to have been nominated.

“I am honoured to know that the work I have put into caring for patients and interacting with my colleagues has been recognised.”

Abhishek emphasised the significance of seeking guidance from senior staff.

All the senior staff at Westmead are incredible sources of knowledge and are always more than happy to help.

Abhishek Goyal, first year Basic Physician Trainee

Dominique Lahood-Haddad, a Resident Medical Officer, reflected on the importance of kindness and humility in the medical profession.

“It is very humbling to be recognised by peers and mentors. I am obviously very junior and acknowledge I have so much to learn,” she said.

Offering advice to aspiring junior doctors, Dominique stressed the value of teamwork and continuous learning.

“Patient care is a team sport,” she said, “and everybody has expertise/duties that make important contributions to patient care.”

It’s ok to not know everything, but show interest and enthusiasm, and people will teach you.

Dominique Lahood-Haddad, Resident Medical Officer

Congratulations to all of the award recipients.