How the wig library at Blacktown Hospital is bringing dignity and compassionate care to cancer patients across western Sydney


Cancer Council volunteers once more call Blacktown Hospital home as they return to provide support, dignity and compassionate care to individuals and families grappling with cancer diagnoses.

Among the most cherished of services offered by the Cancer Council Information Hub is the wig library, a service that recognises the importance of maintaining dignity and confidence during cancer treatment.

The wig library provides a range of options to help patients feel comfortable and empowered throughout their journey.

WSLHD Cancer Council Volunteer Coordinator Natalia Arnas is heartened to see the return of the wig library and when The Pulse asked her why this service was so important, she explained: “The wig library symbolises the dedication of the Cancer Council to addressing the holistic needs of cancer patients.”

Volunteers assist with fitting and styling the wig, empowering patients with an opportunity to take charge of their identity in the comfort of a safe space.

The Cancer Council Information Hub stationed within Blacktown Hospital serves as a lifeline for those navigating the complexities of cancer care.

Trained volunteers offer access to evidence-based information, over 60 free Cancer Council NSW publications, and connections to support services across NSW.

This volunteer service provides vital services and embodies the spirit of compassion and solidarity in the face of adversity.

Natalia Arnas

While not providing medical advice or counselling, these volunteers offer a compassionate ear and guidance to help patients find the resources they need.

Their return brings not only practical support but also a sense of reassurance and solidarity during challenging times. As the local community grapples with the impact of cancer diagnoses, the reinstatement of these volunteers underscores their commitment to ensuring that no one faces cancer alone.

Natalia Arnas

Blacktown Hospital Cancer and Haematology Centre head of department Dr Helen Crowther is delighted for the return of the Cancer Council volunteers.

I’m pleased to welcome back these volunteers who provide valuable support and care to our patients and their families.

Dr Helen Crowther

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